"Experience laundry convenience like never before with the Burly Washing Machine, offering innovative features for efficient washing:

Wash Timer (35 Minutes): Efficiently manage your laundry time with a quick 35-minute wash cycle, ensuring your clothes are clean in no time.

Spin Timer (10 Minutes): Achieve optimal drying results with a 10-minute spin cycle, expediting the drying process for ready-to-wear clothes.

Wash Selector: Customize your washing experience with the wash selector, allowing you to tailor the wash cycle to the specific needs of your laundry.

Caster Wheel: Enhance mobility and placement flexibility with the built-in caster wheel, making it easy to move and position the washing machine as needed.

Comprehensive Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year comprehensive warranty, covering various aspects of the washing machine for added protection.

Motor Warranty (5 Years): Benefit from an extended 5-year warranty specifically covering the motor, ensuring the longevity and durability of your washing machine.

Invest in the Burly Washing Machine – where advanced features meet reliability, making your laundry experience seamless and worry-free."

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5 Star
Power heating Indicator
LED Red and Green
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MFV Drainage Valve

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