Desert Cooler 75 Ltr


  • Type: Desert
  • Capacity: 75 LTR
  • Features: PM 2.5 Filter – 3 Sides , Mosquito & Dust Resistant – 3 Side , Collapsible Louvers , Hybrid Cooling Pads , Castor Wheels
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75 Litres, PM 2.5 Filter, Hybrid Cooling Pads, Collapsible Louvers

Burly Green Cooler with PM 2.5 Filter, hybrid cool technology and mosquito resistance are great innovations in Indian cooler market to address the concern for indoor air quality, mosquito growth and cooling efficiency.

Hybrid cooling pad made up of Wood Wool and Honeycomb not only last long but also give more efficient cooling than a normal Honey Comb pad. Cooling pads are also covered with washable Nylon filter net which do not allow mosquito & dust to get inside the cooler.

Coolers are elegantly featured with collapsible louvers which helps to shut down air vents when cooler is not in use. This also resist entry of dust & mosquito and other air impurity into the cooler.

Burly Green Air Coolers use channel water distribution system from the top. Water through the channel falls uniformly on the cooling pads. The cooling pads are wet uniformly which increase the cooling efficiency of the cooler. The channel water distribution also reduces the chance of water spillage from the cooling pads. It can be used as ice box also for more cooling.

Auto drain and humidity control knob helps in water drainage, cleaning of tank & control humidity as and when required.

Air Cooler Type


Air Cooler Capacity

75 LTR

Air Cooler Features

Castor Wheels, Collapsible Louvers, Hybrid Cooling Pads, Mosquito & Dust Resistant – 3 Side, PM 2.5 Filter – 3 side

Air Cooler Series

Fresh Breeze Series


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