The Prisha 7.5 KG (DOP) washing machine is a reliable and efficient appliance designed to handle laundry tasks effectively. With a power supply requirement of 230 volts at a frequency of 50Hz, it can be easily connected to most standard electrical systems.
Featuring a rated power consumption of 350 watts during the washing cycle and 130 watts during the spinning cycle, this washing machine strikes a balance between performance and energy efficiency. The 350-watt washing power ensures thorough cleaning of your clothes, while the 130-watt spinning power efficiently removes excess water, reducing drying time.
In terms of weight, the Prisha washing machine boasts a net weight of 18.5 kg. This weight measurement indicates the actual weight of the machine without any additional packaging materials. When including the packaging and other materials, the gross weight of the washing machine is 22.5 kg.
The Prisha 7.5 KG (DOP) washing machine offers convenience and ease of use. Its optimal power consumption, combined with its capacity to handle 7.5 kg of laundry, makes it suitable for small to medium-sized households. The machine's compact and sturdy design ensures durability and longevity, allowing it to withstand the rigors of regular use.
Whether you're washing delicate garments or heavily soiled clothes, the Prisha washing machine provides customizable wash cycles and settings to accommodate various fabric types and cleaning needs. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, operating the machine is straightforward, making laundry tasks less time-consuming and more efficient.
Overall, the Prisha 7.5 KG (DOP) washing machine is a reliable and versatile appliance that offers excellent performance, energy efficiency, and ease of use. It is an ideal choice for individuals and families seeking a high-quality washing machine that delivers optimal results while being mindful of energy consumption.

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Data sheet

Power Supply
Rated Power Wash
350 Watt
130 Watts
Net Weight
18.5 kg
Gross Weight
22.5 kg
Net Dimensions (mm)
Gross Dimensions (mm)

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