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The POLO 55 litres Cooler is a versatile and powerful cooling device designed to provide effective relief during hot and humid weather conditions. With its robust air delivery of 4000 m3/hr, this cooler is capable of circulating a significant amount of cool air throughout the room, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing environment.
Equipped with a high RPM speed of 1350, the cooler's fan generates a strong and steady airflow, swiftly reducing the temperature in the surrounding area. This efficient cooling mechanism helps to alleviate discomfort and create a pleasant atmosphere, especially during scorching summer days.
One of the notable features of the POLO 55 litres Cooler is its ice chamber. By incorporating an ice chamber into the design, the cooler allows you to enhance its cooling capabilities. Simply add ice to the chamber, and the cooler will distribute cooler air, providing an extra level of relief and comfort on particularly hot days.
The fan blade of the cooler is made from a combination of MS (Mild Steel) and Aluminium, ensuring durability and optimal airflow. This construction allows for efficient air circulation, effectively cooling the room and creating a soothing breeze.
With manual controls, the POLO 55 litres Cooler provides you with the flexibility to adjust the fan speed and cooling modes to suit your preferences and the ambient temperature. This customizable feature allows for a personalized cooling experience tailored to your comfort needs.
Safety is a priority with this cooler, as it is equipped with thermal overload protection. This mechanism automatically shuts off the cooler if it detects excessive heat, preventing any potential damage and ensuring the safety of both the device and its users.
The cooler boasts an impressive air throw distance of 50 feet at a speed of 0.5m/sec, allowing for wide coverage and effective cooling in larger rooms or spaces. The 16-inch fan blade diameter further contributes to the cooler's performance, facilitating a greater airflow and enhancing the cooling efficiency.
Operating on 230V AC at 50Hz, the POLO 55 litres Cooler consumes 175 Watts of power. This indicates its energy efficiency, as it requires relatively low power consumption while providing effective cooling performance.
In summary, the POLO 55 litres Cooler is a reliable and efficient cooling solution, designed to combat hot weather conditions. With its powerful air delivery, adjustable controls, ice chamber functionality, and safety features, this cooler offers a comfortable and refreshing experience, making it an excellent choice for various indoor environments.

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Data sheet

Water Tank Capacity (Litres)
PM 2.5 Filter
Air Delivery (m3/hr)
Air Throw Distance @ 0.5/sec Feet
Air Deflection
4 Way
Motorised Louvers Movement
Collapsible Louver
Speed Control (High/Med/Low)
3 Speed
RPM High Speed
Power Consumption 230V AC 50Hz
175 Watts
Water Level Indicator
Ice Chamber
Cooling Media
Thermal Overload Protection (TOP)
Fan Blade
Fan Blade/ Blower Diameter (Inch)
Fan Blade/ Blower Material
MS & Aluminium
Castor Wheels
Auto Fill Tank
Auto Drain
Humidity Control
Mosquito Net Filter
Inverter Compatible
Dimention (LxWxH) (mm)

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