The Elecia 15LTR water heater is a high-quality appliance designed to provide reliable hot water in homes and commercial settings. It boasts several notable features that contribute to its performance and longevity. The outer body of the water heater is coated with a robust high-strength polymer, ensuring protection against external damage and corrosion. This durable coating enhances the water heater's lifespan and maintains its aesthetic appeal even in challenging environments. Inside the tank, a glass lining adds an extra layer of defense against corrosion. This glass coating helps prevent the tank from rusting over time, allowing for clean and hygienic hot water storage. The heating element, made of coated steel, is responsible for heating the water. The steel construction ensures durability, while the protective coating prevents the element from corroding, ensuring efficient and consistent heating performance. To safeguard against overpressure, the water heater is equipped with a heavy copper valve coated with nickel. This valve acts as a reliable overpressure protection mechanism, ensuring the tank remains within safe pressure limits.
The water heater also features a Multi-Function Valve (MFV) Pressure Release Valve, which releases excess pressure if it surpasses a predetermined threshold. This safety feature prevents any potential damage to the tank due to excessive pressure buildup.
For ease of maintenance, the MFV Drainage Valve allows for straightforward draining of the tank. This feature facilitates the removal of sediment or scaling that may accumulate over time, ensuring the water heater's optimal performance and longevity.
The Elecia 15LTR water heater has an Ingress Protection Rating of IPX2, meaning it is protected against dripping water when tilted up to a 15-degree angle. This rating provides an additional layer of safety and ensures reliable operation even in environments where water splashing or dripping may occur.
Efficiency is a key aspect of the water heater's design. The tank heat loss insulation, achieved through the use of Polyurethane Foam (PUF), minimizes heat loss, allowing the stored water to maintain its temperature for longer periods. This insulation helps reduce energy consumption and ensures cost-effective operation.
To prevent rusting inside the tank, the water heater is equipped with an anti-rust device. Typically, this involves a sacrificial magnesium anode rod that attracts corrosive elements. The rod slowly degrades over time, sacrificing itself to protect the tank and prolong its lifespan.
In summary, the Elecia 15LTR water heater combines a robust outer body, corrosion-resistant glass lining, efficient heating element, overpressure protection, convenient maintenance features, ingress protection, heat loss insulation, and an anti-rust device. These features collectively make it a reliable, durable, and efficient water heating solution for both residential and commercial applications.

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Data sheet

Mounting Position
BEE Star rating
5 Star
Rated Power Input(kW)
Outer Body
High Strength Polymer
Inner tank
Glass Line coated steel
Heating Element
Heavy copper with Nickel coated
Device Control
Temperature control Knob
Power heating Indicator
Color change LED Orange and Blue
Tank Heat Loss Insulation
Tank Anti Rust Device
Magnesium Anode Rod
Maximum Pressure Rating (Bar)
Primary Overheat Protection
Secondary Overheat Protection
Thermal Cut Out
Over Pressure Protection
MFV Pressure Release Valve
Back Flow Protection
MFV Non Return Valve
Tank Maintenance
MFV Drainage Valve
Ingress Protection Rating
Product Dimensions (HxWxD)
440x405x385 mm

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