The Elecia 25Ltr water heater is a top-of-the-line electric appliance designed to provide efficient and reliable hot water supply. Its outer body is coated with a high-strength polymer, ensuring robustness and resistance to corrosion. This protective layer enhances the overall durability of the water heater, making it suitable for long-term use.
Inside the water heater, you'll find an inner tank coated with a layer of glass. This glass lining serves as a protective barrier between the water and the metal tank, preventing direct contact and reducing the risk of corrosion. This feature significantly extends the lifespan of the tank, ensuring years of trouble-free operation.
The heating element of the Elecia water heater is made of coated steel, which offers excellent heat conductivity and corrosion resistance. To further enhance its durability, the heating element is constructed using heavy copper and coated with nickel. This combination ensures efficient heat transfer and guarantees a longer lifespan for the heating element.
Safety is a top priority with the Elecia water heater. It incorporates an over pressure protection system, which prevents excessive pressure buildup inside the tank. In the event that the pressure exceeds safe levels, an MFV Pressure Release Valve activates, releasing hot water to maintain safe operating conditions.
Convenient maintenance is facilitated by the inclusion of an MFV Drainage Valve. This valve allows for easy drainage of the water heater tank during routine maintenance or when flushing out sediments and impurities. With this feature, maintaining the water heater becomes a hassle-free task.
The Elecia water heater has an Ingress Protection Rating of IPX2, indicating that it is resistant to vertically falling water drops when tilted up to 15 degrees. This rating ensures that the water heater can withstand wet environments and operate safely.
The tank of the water heater is insulated with PUF (polyurethane foam), which minimizes heat loss and maximizes energy efficiency. This insulation layer keeps the water inside the tank at the desired temperature for extended periods, reducing energy consumption and ensuring hot water is readily available when needed.
To combat the risk of rust formation, the Elecia water heater includes a tank anti-rust device with a magnesium anode rod. This rod attracts corrosive elements present in the water, sacrificing itself instead of the tank, and effectively preventing rust buildup.
In summary, the Elecia 25Ltr water heater offers a combination of durability, safety, and energy efficiency. Its high-strength polymer coating, glass-lined tank, coated steel heating element, over pressure protection, easy maintenance features, IPX2 rating, tank insulation, and anti-rust device make it an excellent choice for households seeking a reliable and long-lasting hot water solution.

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Data sheet

Mounting Position
BEE Star rating
5 Star
Rated Power Input(kW)
Outer Body
High Strength Polymer
Inner tank
Glass Line coated steel
Heating Element
Heavy copper with Nickel coated
Device Control
Temperature control Knob
Power heating Indicator
Color change LED Orange and Blue
Tank Heat Loss Insulation
Tank Anti Rust Device
Magnesium Anode Rod
Maximum Pressure Rating (Bar)
Primary Overheat Protection
Secondary Overheat Protection
Thermal Cut Out
Over Pressure Protection
MFV Pressure Release Valve
Back Flow Protection
MFV Non Return Valve
Tank Maintenance
MFV Drainage Valve
Ingress Protection Rating
Product Dimensions (HxWxD)
510x460x430 mm

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