The COOLEX 110 liters cooler is a robust and feature-packed cooling appliance designed to provide effective cooling for larger spaces. With a sleek and functional design, it offers a range of specifications and options to ensure optimal cooling performance.
With an impressive air delivery rate of 6000 m3/hr, this cooler can quickly and efficiently circulate cool air throughout the room, providing relief from the heat. The high RPM speed of 1350 enables rapid air movement, enhancing the cooling effect.
One notable feature of this cooler is the ice chamber, which allows for the addition of ice to further enhance the cooling experience. By incorporating ice, the cooler can deliver an even more refreshing blast of cool air, perfect for combating hot and humid conditions.
The fan blade, made of durable MS & Aluminium material, measures 18 inches in diameter. This sizeable fan blade ensures ample air circulation, facilitating the distribution of cool air across the entire room. Additionally, the manual controls offer convenient adjustability, allowing users to customize the settings according to their comfort preferences.
Safety is also a priority with this cooler. It is equipped with thermal overload protection, a vital feature that safeguards the motor from overheating. This protection not only extends the lifespan of the cooler but also ensures reliable and safe operation.
The cooler boasts an impressive air throw distance of 60 feet at an air velocity of 0.5m/sec. This means that even at a relatively low speed, it can effectively distribute cool air across a substantial area, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing environment.
The inclusion of a PM 2.5 filter is another noteworthy aspect of this cooler. This filter helps improve air quality by capturing fine particles, such as dust and pollutants, ensuring cleaner and fresher air for a healthier indoor environment.
In terms of power consumption, the cooler operates at 225 Watts and requires a standard 230V AC, 50Hz power supply. This energy-efficient design not only reduces electricity costs but also makes it an environmentally friendly cooling option.
Overall, the COOLEX 110 liters cooler combines power, efficiency, and convenience to offer effective cooling for larger spaces. With its robust features, including an ice chamber, thermal overload protection, air throw distance, and PM 2.5 filter, it provides a reliable and refreshing cooling experience.

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Data sheet

Water Tank Capacity (Litres)
PM 2.5 Filter
Air Delivery (m3/hr)
Air Throw Distance @ 0.5/sec Feet
Air Deflection
4 Way
Motorised Louvers Movement
Collapsible Louver
Speed Control (High/Med/Low)
3 Speed
RPM High Speed
Power Consumption 230V AC 50Hz
225 Watts
Water Level Indicator
Ice Chamber
Cooling Media
Thermal Overload Protection (TOP)
Fan Blade
Fan Blade/ Blower Diameter (Inch)
Fan Blade/ Blower Material
MS & Aluminium
Castor Wheels
Auto Fill Tank
Auto Drain
Humidity Control
Mosquito Net Filter
Inverter Compatible
Dimention (LxWxH) (mm)

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