The BREEZA 100-liter cooler is a robust and efficient cooling system designed to provide relief from hot weather conditions. With its powerful air delivery capacity of 5500 cubic meters per hour, this cooler is capable of effectively cooling large areas, making it ideal for spacious rooms, offices, or outdoor settings.
The cooler features a high-speed fan with a rotation rate of 1350 RPM, ensuring strong and consistent airflow. This enables the cooler to circulate the cooled air effectively throughout the space, creating a comfortable environment.
One standout feature of the BREEZA cooler is its ice chamber, which allows users to add ice to further enhance the cooling effect. By incorporating ice into the system, the cooler can produce even colder air, providing quick relief from heat and humidity.
The fan blades of the cooler are constructed from durable plastic material, which ensures longevity and efficient operation. The manual controls make it easy to adjust the settings according to personal preferences, allowing users to control the cooling intensity.
Safety is a key aspect of the BREEZA cooler, as it is equipped with thermal overload protection. This feature automatically shuts down the cooler in the event of excessive heat, protecting the internal components and preventing potential damage.
The cooler is designed to maximize the reach of cooled air, with an impressive air throw distance of up to 55 feet at an airspeed of 0.5 meters per second. This means that the cool air can effectively reach a significant area, ensuring widespread comfort.
To enhance the air quality, the cooler includes a PM 2.5 filter. This filter helps reduce the concentration of fine particulate matter, ensuring cleaner and healthier air for those in the vicinity of the cooler.
With a fan blade diameter of 18 inches, the BREEZA cooler achieves efficient air circulation and optimal cooling performance. The larger blades can move more air, providing a greater cooling effect.
Lastly, the cooler offers humidity control, allowing users to adjust the moisture level in the circulated air. This feature is particularly beneficial in regions with high humidity, enabling users to maintain a comfortable and balanced atmosphere.
Overall, the BREEZA 100-liter cooler combines powerful cooling capabilities, convenient features such as the ice chamber and PM 2.5 filter, user-friendly controls, and safety measures to ensure reliable and efficient cooling performance. It is a versatile cooling solution suitable for various environments, providing a refreshing and comfortable experience even during the hottest days.

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Data sheet

Water Tank Capacity (Litres)
PM 2.5 Filter
Air Delivery (m3/hr)
Air Throw Distance @ 0.5/sec Feet
Air Deflection
4 Way
Motorised Louvers Movement
Collapsible Louver
Speed Control (High/Med/Low)
3 Speed
RPM High Speed
Power Consumption 230V AC 50Hz
175 Watts
Water Level Indicator
Ice Chamber
Cooling Media
Thermal Overload Protection (TOP)
Fan Blade
Fan Blade/ Blower Diameter (Inch)
Fan Blade/ Blower Material
Castor Wheels
Auto Fill Tank
Auto Drain
Humidity Control
Mosquito Net Filter
Inverter Compatible
Dimention (LxWxH) (mm)

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