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The ACCENT 90 litres Cooler is a reliable and efficient cooling solution designed to provide a comfortable environment during hot weather. With its generous water capacity of 90 liters, this cooler can operate for extended periods without the need for frequent refills, ensuring continuous cooling throughout the day. The cooler's high air delivery rate of 4000 cubic meters per hour guarantees a steady flow of cool air, quickly circulating it within the room. This efficient air circulation helps maintain a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere, even in larger spaces. Equipped with a powerful fan that operates at 1350 RPM, the cooler generates a strong breeze to cool the surroundings effectively. The fan blade, crafted from a combination of MS and aluminum, ensures both durability and optimized air movement, enabling efficient cooling performance.
The inclusion of an ice chamber in the cooler is a notable feature. By adding ice to the water reservoir, the cooler can produce even cooler air, ideal for combating extreme heat or providing instant relief on particularly hot days. This feature enhances the overall cooling experience, allowing users to enjoy a more comfortable environment.
The manual controls of the ACCENT Cooler provide users with flexibility and control over the cooling settings. With the ability to adjust the fan speed and other settings according to personal preferences, users can create a customized cooling experience tailored to their needs.
Safety is also a priority in this cooler, as it is equipped with thermal overload protection. This feature safeguards the motor from overheating, ensuring long-lasting performance and protecting the cooler from potential damage.
The cooler's air throw distance of up to 50 feet, when the airspeed is set at 0.5 meters per second, allows the cool air to reach a considerable distance within the room. This broad coverage ensures that the cooling effect is evenly distributed, providing comfort to everyone in the space.
In terms of power consumption, the cooler operates efficiently on a 230V AC and 50Hz power supply, consuming only 175 Watts of power. This energy-efficient design helps keep electricity costs down while still delivering powerful and effective cooling.
In summary, the ACCENT 90 litres Cooler offers a reliable and efficient cooling solution with its large water capacity, high air delivery rate, customizable controls, and thermal overload protection. It is a durable and convenient appliance that provides effective cooling performance, making it an ideal choice for residential or commercial use in hot climates.

Data sheet

Water Tank Capacity (Litres)
PM 2.5 Filter
Air Delivery (m3/hr)
Air Throw Distance @ 0.5/sec Feet
Air Deflection
4 Way
Motorised Louvers Movement
Collapsible Louver
Speed Control (High/Med/Low)
3 Speed
RPM High Speed
Power Consumption 230V AC 50Hz
175 Watts
Water Level Indicator
Ice Chamber
Cooling Media
Thermal Overload Protection (TOP)
Fan Blade
Fan Blade/ Blower Diameter (Inch)
Fan Blade/ Blower Material
MS & Aluminium
Castor Wheels
Auto Fill Tank
Auto Drain
Humidity Control
Mosquito Net Filter
Inverter Compatible
Dimention (LxWxH) (mm)

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