6.5kg Washing Machine: Efficient Laundry Solution for Small to Medium Homes

6.5 kg Washing Machine

The 6.5kg washing machine is a versatile and efficient laundry appliance designed to accommodate moderate-sized loads, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized households. With a capacity of 6.5 kilograms, it strikes a balance between capacity and space, catering to the laundry needs of several individuals or small families.


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The Prisha 6.5 kg (DTP) washing machine is a compact and efficient appliance designed for household use. It requires a power supply of 230 volts at a frequency of 50Hz, making it compatible with standard electrical systems.
With a rated power consumption of 330 watts during washing and 130 watts during spinning, the washing machine is designed to provide effective cleaning and spinning performance while optimizing energy usage. This ensures that it efficiently completes its tasks while minimizing electricity consumption.
The washing machine itself weighs 18 kg, which makes it relatively lightweight and easy to handle. When considering the packaging, the gross weight is 21.5 kg, indicating that the additional packaging materials add around 3.5 kg to the overall weight.
Overall, the Prisha 6.5 kg (DTP) washing machine offers a suitable capacity for medium-sized laundry loads, operates on a standard power supply, and is designed to deliver efficient cleaning and spinning performance while being relatively lightweight for convenience.

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