Personal Air Coolers: Your Portable Oasis from the Heat

Personal Air Coolers

Burly Home Appliances presents a revolution in cooling technology with its line of Personal Air Coolers, designed to redefine comfort in your space. Engineered for efficiency and convenience, these compact yet powerful devices are the ultimate solution to beat the heat in any environment.


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The BOLD 10-liter Cooler is a compact and efficient cooling device designed to provide a refreshing airflow in smaller spaces. With a air delivery rate of 650 cubic meters per hour (m3/hr), it can circulate a considerable amount of air in a relatively short period. The cooler operates at two speeds, with a high RPM speed of 1600, allowing you to choose the airflow intensity according to your needs.
One notable feature of the BOLD cooler is its ice chamber, which enables you to add ice to enhance the cooling effect. The plastic blower ensures durability and lightweight operation. The cooler is equipped with manual controls, allowing you to adjust the fan speed and manage its operation easily.
Safety is a priority with the BOLD cooler, as it comes with thermal overload protection. This feature automatically shuts off the cooler if it becomes overheated, preventing any potential damage. The cooler boasts an air throw distance of 20 feet at a velocity of 0.5 meters per second (m/s), ensuring a comfortable airflow across the room.
With a blower diameter of 6 inches, the BOLD cooler strikes a balance between compactness and efficient air movement. It is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms and can be placed conveniently without taking up excessive space.
In summary, the BOLD 10-liter Cooler offers a powerful cooling solution for smaller spaces. Its features, including the ice chamber, manual controls, thermal overload protection, and efficient airflow, make it a practical and reliable option for achieving a comfortable indoor environment.

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