Introducing our state-of-the-art Isure water heater, designed to provide you with hot water quickly, efficiently, and safely. With a range of innovative features and high-quality materials, this water heater is built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.


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3 kw copper heating component with superior performance,1) pre-set thermostat—automatic heating turns off when the temperature exceeds the maximum of 80 degrees Celsius.
2) reset thermal cut out—automatic power off if the thermostat fails and temperature exceeds 96°c.
3) pressure release valve: begin licking when the pressure rises above 6.5 bar, when the power is turned on, the attractive red indicator glows, and the attractive green indicator glows when the heating is turned on,6.5 bar pre-set pressure release valve for high-rise buildings to withstand water pressure, the outer body is built with high-gloss, world-class plastic, which provides an attractive look with a gentle color flap and excellent shock resistance, tanks built with ss 304 l with a thickness of 0.7 mm are capable of sustaining high pressures of 8 bar and are 100% rust-proof for a long time, glass wool insulation is used to prevent heat loss, lower energy consumption, and protect the outer plastic body from heat,5 years tank, 2 years heating element, 2 years product,

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