Introducing the BOLD Cooler, a powerful and efficient cooling solution for your space. With a sleek design and advanced features, this cooler is designed to provide a refreshing breeze on hot days.
The BOLD Cooler boasts an impressive air delivery capacity of 650 cubic meters per hour (m3/hr). This means it can circulate a significant volume of cool air throughout your room, ensuring a comfortable environment even during scorching summers.
Equipped with a high RPM speed of 1600, the cooler's blower propels air at a rapid pace, effectively cooling the surrounding area. For an added cooling boost, the BOLD Cooler features an ice chamber, allowing you to incorporate ice to enhance the cooling effect, making it perfect for those exceptionally hot days.
Crafted with a durable plastic blower, the BOLD Cooler ensures reliable performance and longevity. The blower efficiently distributes the cooled air, providing consistent and refreshing airflow in your space.
With manual controls, this cooler puts you in charge of the cooling experience. You can adjust the fan speed and cooling modes according to your preferences, allowing for customized comfort. The inclusion of thermal overload protection adds an extra layer of safety, preventing any potential damage from overheating.
The BOLD Cooler is designed to cover a significant area with its impressive air throw distance of 20 feet at an air velocity of 0.5 meters per second. This means that you can enjoy the cool breeze even if you're a little further away from the cooler.
Measuring 6 inches in diameter, the blower is compact yet powerful, ensuring efficient airflow while being unobtrusive in your space.
Whether you're relaxing at home, working in the office, or enjoying a gathering with friends, the BOLD Cooler is a reliable companion that will keep you cool and comfortable. With its exceptional features and performance, it's time to experience the refreshing breeze of the BOLD Cooler.


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