Introducing the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler, a remarkable cooling solution designed to beat the heat and keep you comfortable during hot weather. With its impressive features and efficient performance, this cooler is set to revolutionize your cooling experience.
One of the standout features of the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler is its powerful air delivery capacity of 1350 cubic meters per hour. This means that it can circulate a substantial volume of cool air in your space, ensuring rapid and effective cooling. Whether you're in a small room or a larger area, this cooler is capable of delivering a refreshing breeze.
Equipped with a high RPM speed of 1350, the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler ensures that the air is circulated swiftly and efficiently. The fan inside the cooler spins rapidly, creating a continuous flow of cool air to provide immediate relief from the heat.
To further enhance its cooling capabilities, the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler features an ice chamber. Simply add ice to the chamber, and the cooler will harness its cooling power, resulting in even colder air being blown out into your space. This feature is perfect for those scorching summer days when you need a burst of icy freshness.
The TOWER-AMAZE Cooler comes with a durable plastic blower, specifically designed to draw in air and propel it out with optimal force. This ensures that the cool air reaches every corner of the room, providing a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.
With manual controls, you have full control over the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler's settings. Adjust the speed and intensity of the airflow according to your preference and enjoy a customized cooling experience. Additionally, the cooler is equipped with thermal overload protection, giving you peace of mind as it safeguards against excessive heat and prevents any potential damage.
Measuring the air throw distance at 0.5m/sec, the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler can project its cool breeze up to an impressive 32 feet. This means that you can enjoy the refreshing effects of the cooler even from a considerable distance, ensuring that everyone in the room benefits from its cooling prowess.
With a compact blower diameter of 6 inches, the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler strikes a balance between size and efficiency. It effectively moves air while remaining sleek and unobtrusive, fitting seamlessly into any room or space.
In terms of power consumption, the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler operates on 230V AC at a frequency of 50Hz, consuming only 130 watts of power. This energy-efficient design allows you to enjoy cool air without worrying about excessive electricity usage.
In summary, the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler is a feature-packed cooling device that combines powerful air delivery, a high RPM speed, an ice chamber, and thermal overload protection. With its ability to throw cool air up to 32 feet and a compact design, this cooler is the perfect companion to combat hot weather. Stay cool and comfortable with the TOWER-AMAZE Cooler.


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