Window Chill

The Window CHILL Cooler is a reliable and efficient cooling solution designed to provide refreshing airflow in your space. With a maximum air delivery of 1750 m3/hr, this cooler is capable of quickly and effectively circulating cool air throughout the room. Whether you're in a living room, bedroom, or office, this cooler can help create a more comfortable environment during hot summer days.
The cooler is equipped with a powerful blower that has a diameter of 8 inches, ensuring efficient air distribution. Made of durable plastic, the blower is designed to withstand regular use and provide consistent performance. The manual controls allow you to easily adjust the settings to your desired level of cooling.
One of the standout features of this cooler is its ice chamber. By adding ice to the chamber, you can further enhance the cooling effect, providing an extra burst of freshness. This feature can be particularly useful in extremely hot conditions or when you need a quick cooldown.
To ensure safety and prevent overheating, the cooler comes with thermal overload protection. This feature automatically shuts off the cooler in case it detects excessive heat, protecting the device from potential damage.
The Window CHILL Cooler is also capable of delivering air at an impressive distance. With an air throw distance of 50 feet at a velocity of 0.5 meters per second, it can effectively distribute cool air across larger rooms or areas.
In terms of power consumption, this cooler operates on a standard 230V AC power supply at a frequency of 50Hz, consuming 200 Watts of power. This makes it energy-efficient and cost-effective to use, without putting a significant strain on your electricity bill.
Overall, the Window CHILL Cooler offers a powerful cooling solution for your space. With its high air delivery, ice chamber, durable construction, and convenient controls, it provides efficient and refreshing airflow, helping you beat the heat and stay comfortable during hot weather conditions.


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